Monday, April 28, 2008

I would never, EVER ask you to make tuiles.

Lovely, isn't it? RUN CHILD RUN.

Tuiles are the Devil's Cookies, the...Biscuits of Beelzebub. They are the antithesis of a no-brainer dessert: they require thought and preparation, are fiddly in the extreme and half of them don't come out anyway. Every recipe makes vast quantities of batter. You need to use Silpats for them. They don't keep. They are decoration. Bleh.

Still, my nephew wanted me to make this, and so I did. It was his idea - he wanted a dessert which combined "cookies like Milanos, only without the chocolate," fresh fruit and lightly sweetened Greek yogurt. This is the result - a beautiful composed dessert. He loved it. But I wouldn't wish making it on anyone. Life is much too short, and this is why I don't work in restaurant kitchens anymore.

Tuile recipes can usually be found in French pastry cookbooks, which immediately tells you something [bad] about their fundamental nature. Actual no-brainer recipe (not tuiles) to come shortly.

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